Teach Perugia Texts

Our books are rich in possibilities for group discussion and reflection. Many have already been used in dozens of classrooms across the country. Below, find free downloadable PDF reading companions for use in continuing education, undergraduate, and high school courses, as well as writing workshops and poetry discussion groups. Companions feature a sample poem, reading discussion questions, writing prompts, suggested courses for the book, and ideas for pairing Perugia books together.

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The Book Eaters

Carolina Hotchandani

Conceived in loss, The Book Eaters examines shifts in identity due to Partition, immigration, illness, and birth. It is also a study in belonging—to our bodies, memories, stories, ourselves, families & cultures.

ISBN: 9780997807677

American Sycamore

Lisbeth White

From the bayou, to Belgium, to Barbados, American Sycamore examines the Black diaspora, ancestral reparation, and the sacred feminine, inviting the reader into a deep conversation of seeking and recovery.

ISBN: 9780997807660

Through a Red Place

Rebecca Pelky

An inventive collage of geography, history, myth, translation, lineage, erasure, journalism, and photography, Through a Red Place builds a map between distances and lost stories to unearth and honor the past.

ISBN: 9780997807653

Now in Color

Jacqueline Balderrama

Through the poetics of witness, ekphrasis, portraiture, and family mythos, this book deepens our understanding of hybrid identities and calls attention to those impacted by tensions along the U.S.-Mexico border.

ISBN: 9780997807646

Hail and Farewell

Abby E. Murray

An expertly woven treatise on love, war, and politics, these poems reveal a pacifist’s perspective during her husband’s deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and grapple with facing issues of infertility between tours.

ISBN: 9780997807639


Megan Peak

This collection chronicles coming of age as a woman: the violence of discovery, the evolution of sexuality, and the demanding yet necessary acts of self-preservation and resistance.

ISBN: 9780997807622

Starshine Road

L. I. Henley

Set in the isolated, shifting Mojave Desert terrain of Joshua Tree, CA, these poems witness the underside of a rural life. Part spirit quest, part inventory of what is loved and lost to the elements.

ISBN: 9780997807615

Guide to the Exhibit

Lisa Allen Ortiz

Inspired by displays at a small natural history museum, these poems are about what we set aside to examine and remember. How does the stillness of an exhibit encourage us toward love and joy?

ISBN: 9780979458293


Jenifer Browne Lawrence

Set in the temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska and the Pacific Coast, Grayling moves through the interior wilderness of a woman shaped by and inhabiting the rough country of her upbringing.

ISBN: 9780979458286

Sweet Husk

Corrie Williamson

Concerned with our human place in the narrative of the earth, these poems use archaeology and anthropology to move between the living and the dead and the past and the present.

ISBN: 9780979458279

Begin Empty-Handed

Gail Martin

Displaying remarkable wit and irony, this collection explores how we can live our lives in a full and open-hearted way knowing everything we love will be taken away.

ISBN: 9780979458262

The Wishing Tomb

Amanda Auchter

This book is a love letter to New Orleans, that quintessential city of jazz and yellow fever, of hurricanes and Creole cuisine, integral to America’s cultural, urban, and historical landscape.

ISBN: 9780979458255


Ida Stewart

This book’s Appalachian setting and mountaintop-removal theme play out in language itself, giving voice to the mountain, and considering the delicate relationship between humans and nature.

ISBN: 9780979458248

Each Crumbling House

Melody S. Gee

How is inheritance influenced by immigration, language, and culture (such as family, food, history, and home)? This book explores the aftermath of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

ISBN: 9780979458231

How to Live on Bread and Music

Jennifer K. Sweeney

Beloved in classrooms, these poems broadly explore themes such as identity formation, nostalgia, and impermanence, passing through risk to find refuge in the sensory world.

ISBN: 9780979458224

Two Minutes of Light

Nancy K. Pearson

While describing a descent into addiction, suicide attempts, and self-mutilation, the poet is a foil to her own self-harm through the very act of writing. Creativity becomes an antidote to destructiveness.

ISBN: 9780979458217

Beg No Pardon

Lynne Thompson

This extroverted, declarative, jazzy, and vital book uses the music and language of the poet’s hybrid culture to describe a vivid world of Afro-Caribbean heritage and late 20th-century life.

ISBN: 9780979458200


Frannie Lindsay

When love is uncertain, how does caretaking erode? How does it continue? Here is a deft, musical, painful portrait of girlhood and aging, and the duty that binds a family in pain.

ISBN: 9780966045994

The Disappearing Letters

Carol Edelstein

An elegy to what’s come before us and a celebration of the living, The Disappearing Letters is an instruction manual on how to pay very close attention while daydreaming.

ISBN: 9780966045987

Kettle Bottom

Diane Gilliam

Written in the voices of people living & working in the coal camps during the West Virginia mine wars of 1920–1921, these poems show how a community responded to a time of danger.

ISBN: 9780966045970


Melanie Braverman

The peninsular shoreline setting of Provincetown, Massachusetts informs these poems about the search for love and security in the face of grief and within the queer community.

ISBN: 9780966045956

The Work of Hands

Catherine Anderson

This poet is a witness to North American injustice through the lives of immigrants, children, people of color, the poor, and the disadvantaged.

ISBN: 9780966045932

Finding the Bear

Gail Thomas

In the voices of lover, mother, daughter, granddaughter, and sister, these poems showcase deep caring and observation of the natural and political world.

ISBN: 9780966045901